The Rydon Story

The Rydon Hunting Bike was born in the rugged Wasatch Mountains of Utah. Our goal ever since the beginning was to create a top tier bike at a fraction of the cost. The G.O.A.T Series not only achieves that goal but exceeds it. Its name perfectly announces its ability "The G.O.A.T" or Goes On All Terrain to power your hunt no matter where you want to go..

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LG 25Ah Max Distance Battery

The only ebike in the hunting industry that comes standard with a 25AH long range battery! The extended distance 25ah LG Lithium-ion 48v battery changes the game but not the price of your bike.

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Bafangs Ultra Smart Torque Sensing Motor

The Bafang M620 Ultra is an intelligent torque-sensing G510 motor that meets all three classifications of e-bike laws.

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DIY parts at a great price! We have partnered with Ebike Repair factory to get you taken care of with premium OEM parts

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